Why do Homosexuals commit suicide?

Why do homosexuals commit suicide and why are homosexuals at higher risk of committing suicide than heterosexuals?

It is generally accepted by therapist, psychiatrist, and public policy makers the rejection of one's sexual identity, especially the homosexual, can lead to disastrous emotional and physical harm. Since the American Psychiatric Association no longer considers homosexuality a mental disorder, it is alarming there still exists a high rate of homosexuals dealing with suicide, especially gay males.

Many homosexuals are still not “out” and so accurate stats are hard to find since we might not know how many people who commit suicide are actually gay. But from accurate reports, many homosexual's that are “out” still deal with suicide.

The gay community blames shame that has been given to homosexuals by society for being attracted to the same sex. They say the rejection of one's sexual identity has disastrous emotional effects on a human which can lead to suicide. The lack of social, religious, and interpersonal acceptance of homosexuality is still the cause of one not wanting to live in this type of environment.

And I agree

But I interpret the stats and research differently.

I affirm there exist a very harsh world for someone who is attracted to the same sex, especially for someone in a conservative religious community aka a Christian Church.

Christians have been passionately working against the gay community and their want of political and moral acceptance to be in same sex relationships. Even though they use the Bible to argue against them, most of this passion to speak out against the gay community is not because of love or standing up for righteousness, but out of fear of who they are.

Of who WE are.

I am amazed sometimes why people are so passionate about a topic, especially if they are Christian.

As a Christian, seeking the Kingdom of God is our primary goal, and being a Christian (little Jesus) is our primary identity. Early Christians in the 1st century died for that identity. In Scripture, you do not see many verses talking about how important sexuality is to Christianity. You see how one should be willing to die for the name and teaching of Jesus.

But we have an issue here

Many Homosexuals are still committing suicide, especially in the Christian Church.


I want to argue it is because they are not receiving the 4T's.

They are not receiving Touch – every human needs touch

They are not receiving Time – every human needs time

They are not receiving Transparency – every human needs intimacy

They are not on a Team – every human needs community

These homosexuals in the Church are so afraid to say they are attracted to the same sex. They keep that hidden in their hearts. We all know what happens when we keep a big secret in our lives,

It causes a deathly isolated self-destructive mind.

Or once they have told people they are attracted to the same sex, Christians do not know how to interact with them. Christians start thinking they just want to have sex all the time or grab their genitals. So Christians stay away or withdraw from them. They don't associate themselves with them. Christians don't hang out or treat them as a human, but more like a disease.

When someone who is attracted to the same sex sees this reaction, they also withdraw and stay quite.

This destroys any chance at someone experiencing the 4T's and they NEED IT!

They will not get TOUCH

They will not get TIME

They will not get TRANSPARENCY

And they are definitely not on a TEAM.

So why live? Who wants to live a life of isolation and pain from rejection?

No one wants to live with us.

Everyone is afraid of us.

Who will look into our eyes?

Who will spend time with us and watch a movie and put their arm around us?

Who will show us affection? Friendship?

Will anyone think we want something other than sex?

I don't believe homosexuals commit suicide because who they want to be in a relationship with is not being accepted by society.

People commit suicide because their needs are not being met.

If they gay community is saying homosexual suicide rates are high because who they want to have sex with and be in a monogamous relationship with is not being accepted by our society, they have just made us lower than what the actual human value is worth.

We were human and valuable before sex even came into the picture. Adam represented the image of God before sex was created. Adam and Eve represented God before they engaged in sexual intercourse.

If we accept this idea that the lack of acceptance of one's sexual identity can destroy a persons life is a fact, then we have made humans into animals.

If we can accept that humans need




and Teamwork

We see humans the WAY GOD sees humans.

Either it is their fault for not voicing their needs or it is society fault for overreacting to people's lives.

And the Christian community is no different.

The Christian community needs to understand that homosexuals are not all about sex. They need to be loved at a very basic level.

And if we are not loved in simple ways, we then turn to the gay community for love and acceptance or we can turn to the Evil Spirit of Suicide.

So please give us Touch – long hugs, kisses, simple affectionate touch, sleeping in the same bed, etc.

Please give us Time – movie watching, coffee shop time, beach walks, sunset views, etc.

Please give us Transparency – tell us your fears, desires, hopes, locker room, normal life, boring life,etc.

Please give us Teamwork – we are her for you guys too! We can make promises and covenants with you guys too.

Then lets see what would happen to homosexual's who deal with suicide when they encounter this type of love and acceptance.

Let's love each other the way Christ loves the Church

Lets not let the gay community get away with thinking people commit suicide because of the rejection of one's sexual identity.

We had human identity before sex came into the picture

                                         That should be enough for us to live.

(Obviously, suicide is a very complex issue. I had to admit myself in a couple of times, but I ended up arguing with the Therapist at the institutions because they wanted me to accept the idea homosexuality is normal and healthy, but I went in because I was dealing with the horrible pain of rejection from friends that I wanted to be accepted by. There are homosexuals that deal with suicide not because of homosexuality, but because there exist multiple issues in their life. I am addressing the popular opinion that homosexuals commit suicide because their sexual identity is not being accepted. Gay affirming pastors and theologians believe this, and that is simply wrong and unbiblical, we were humans before sexuality was created according to the poetic account of Genesis)