The purpose of the 4T's.

For awhile I have been a little tired of hearing Christians and speakers reiterate the same information concerning homosexuality and the church.  For those of us who already believe it is not apart of God's creativity for humans to have same sex romantic relationships, and struggle with this brokenness, we want help.  Not a preaching, or teaching about how the Bible says it is immoral, but practical help, love, and intimacy.  So I'm starting this blogsite with a weekly flow of thoughts concerning the 4T's. 

There are many in the Church who long for same sex intimacy (not sex).  Many of these are men and women attracted to the same sex.  Growing up in the Church, I saw this.  For I am also attracted to the same sex who longs for healthy, godly, deep and intimate, male friendship.  I am devoting a part of my life to being open to the world on how I experience this particular kind friendship with those within the church.  Some of my friends are men I am attracted to, some of them are men I have a deep emotional attachments with, and some are men I have what you will consider a "normal" friendship.  All three forms of friendships are extremely important to me and give me the opportunity to experience healthy intimacy.  And the 4T's is the method I use to achieve that.  I want to make sure this is clear, this is not a cure or anything of that sort.  That will be ridiculous to believe.  The only cure for my fallen nature is the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ (I thank God for that formula). But we are allowed to experience amazing love now and a taste of the community we will have in the New Kingdom of Christ.

My Mission

To equip the church to know how to PRACTICALLY love those who struggle with same sex attraction along with healthy boundaries, understanding, compassion, selflessness, courage, all within the context of being in a Christian community.

To equip those that struggle with same sex attraction and want to understand more of what it means to experience healthy intimacy with their friends in their communities. Isn't that what we want?

Taking an orphan or widow into your life can be very messy. That individual could come with years of baggage to sort through that you havn’t caused. They may have a heck of a lot of ghost or demons they’re going to have to face. And you know, you can’t fix them anyway. That’s God’s job. They aren’t your project-they’re your friend. Are you up for the challenge? Being a father to the fatherless, or brother to the brotherless? I believe, it’s what God calls us to be. He provided a very good example.
— Tim Timmerman, - A Bigger World Yet, Faith, Brotherhood, & Same - Sex Needs

Who Am I?

My Name is Richard Padilla.

  • I grew up a Church kid
  • Went to Biola University and majored in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Political Science.  With a Minor in Biblical Studies.
  • I am attracted to the same sex.
  • I believe it is immoral to engage in sexual acts with the same sex.
  • I believe Marriage and Friendship are vital to building the Kingdom of God. 
  • I believe Friendship needs to be valued again in the Church.
  • I believe Marriage has become an idol within the Church.
  • I believe the Bible is an amazing collection of books full of experiences humans had with a loving and just divine being.  This is why the early church put the canon together, to talk about the New Kingdom of this divine being.
  • I love Jesus
  • I love Friendship
  • I love the church
  • I love reading books written by C.S. Lewis, Rob Bell, N.T. Wright, Francis Chan, Plato, and some other cool Christians (Plato might be in the New Kingdom)