Teamwork in a church? Uh, Yea.

Hey everyone, my name is Andrew Walker.

I came across the 4T’s and spoke with Richard about how awesome I thought the goal of this blog is. I wanted to contribute to it based on my own experience with God and being attracted to the same sex.

God gives us so much to grow with and I know if this small piece of my life encourages someone else, glory to God!

I remember coming into the church that I am a member of now and amazed at how well this group of guys called the ‘ushers’ ran.

Seriously, like a well-oiled machine every Sunday.  All the equipment needed to run an entire church service was brought in and torn down as we don’t have our own building. Whoever these ‘ushers’ were, I wanted to become a part of them.

For a guy like myself struggling with attraction to other men, the concept of being a part of a team and truly feeling included was always a difficult task.

In high school, music was always a very inclusive group of people and I often found that sense of belonging to a team in the form of being a part of an ensemble creating music.

This was temporary though.

So for a guy like me in college struggling to find his 'team' and not into music anymore, this ‘team’ was hard to come by. I didn’t get too involved in church or campus ministries because I had my priorities out of line. Essentially putting myself before anyone else including God. Not very team-like, right?

How would the church help this? The church to a guy like me was a place where I would be exposed, singled-out, and very uncomfortable.

No team I wanted to be a part of.

Fortunately, when I cried out to God for a church that could truly help me in my walk with Him, God didn’t fail. I came into the church I’m at now and immediately knew this was a team of people I wanted to be on. I knew they were going to help me along my walk with God.

Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

As a man struggles with being attracted to the same sex, the concept of iron sharpening iron is beyond him. As far as I was concerned (and I’m sure a lot of other men dealing with this) letting another guy into my life to help sharpen my dull path to Hell meant taking huge risk and riding a steep learning curve.

Yet! There ARE men out there willing to do this!

They are sensitive enough, capable, and inclusive!

The church can foster this in such a way that men become mighty men of God, no matter what path they came from. For why would any man walking with God look at his brother and reject them because their sin may be taboo?

Forget his shortcomings and help him out, encourage him, and pick him up when he stumbles on his walk with God.

So as an usher I work with other guys in my church to set up and tear down for church services and prayer meetings. We all come together as a team to serve the bride of Christ – the Church. Week in and week out. I can’t tell you how much this comradery has helped me in my walk with the Lord. Beyond the fact we are serving the church, it provides so much opportunity to fellowship and get to know other men. O

Open up to them, feel supported and loved, and love back!

As for the teamwork aspect of the 4T’s, I can’t advocate enough for how important this has been in my walk with the Lord. I love the guys I serve with.