Hozier's "Take me to Church" mis-representation and intolerance of my family and community, The CHURCH

I feel extremely angry right now towards Hozier and his presentation of the tension between the Church and the gay community concerning homosexual relationships. So this writing isn't going to be full of fluffy lovy dovy disagreement. I do want to give him affirmation concerning his video before I accuse him of a false presentation of the Church.

  1. He grew up in Ireland, and in Ireland, there exist a great tension between the Catholic Church and Protestants. This saddens me. This stems from Irish political and religious clashes. I'm sure he sees many hypocritical actions and double standards made by the Church.

  2. “I'll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife” is a great line! The Church has a lot to work on when it comes to understanding how to deal with sinners and their sin! We are not even loving the child molesters and child porn watchers well. Jesus would condemn us harshly for that. We need to love a lot of horrible people still! I can't wait until we do that well. It is going to be great!

  3. He wants to address the hateful and unreasonable violent discrimination that is occurring in Russia towards homosexuals. That is awesome.

  4. He is right, we should be getting more offended by the brutal beatings of homosexuals than the kissing between two men. But because we are Americans, we are used to seeing violent behavior as a norm and believe or not, we are still sensitive to cultural sexuality. The Church needs to speak boldly against the violent discrimination of homosexuals!

  5. And I do think the want to connect with another human sexually is very human. Very grand, very good, very intimate, very loving. To some extent, we want to give up everything for this other human we want to love, sort of how we do religion.

                                            "I should have worshiped her sooner.....

                                                  If I'm pagan of the good times

                                                        My lover's the sunlight

                                                To keep the Goddess on my side

                                                       She demands a sacrifice"

Even C. S. Lewis, a fellow Irish man, said eros love speaks like a god!

Hozier, you have definitely touched on some important attributes that humans have. But you falsely presented attributes the Church does not have. Here are a couples of issues I have with your song.

1. The Church as a “whole” does not discriminate against homosexuals. We believe it is immoral to have a sexual relationship with the same sex. So we don't think humans who believe that type of relationship is permissible in God's eyes should be leading Churches and to some extent influencing our communities. That is called a disagreement, not discrimination. Lets use these words right! Also, don't judge all the good apples because you ate one bad apple. Imagine if the Church's only perspective of homosexuals was through the party life in West Hollywood. The Church would see extreme hypocritical and double standards taking place. You would see a bunch of gays calling each other fags, having sex in clubs, hooking up in cars, judging each others looks and talking about who is ugly and who is hot. That would be a horrible perspective of a homosexual person.

2. I want to apologize for the Church giving you an idea a loving sexual relationship between two humans is the most intimate experiences a human can have, because it is not. The western world has become obsessed with sex and has made it an idol Jesus would not appreciate. The church had never taught a sexual relationship is the most profound type of love humans can have for each other. It saddens me and also angers me the Church is not aggressively addressing this issue, but most of the protestant churches at least in America are lead by married pastors who cannot comprehend that a celibate life is more useful in God's Kingdom and previews the union that Church will have with Christ. We will all be united in one. You seem to not understand this. You say the Church is breaking up the foundation of love between humans because of its Church doctrine, but this is not Church doctrine (that sexuality between humans of the same sex or opposite sex is a fundamental right). I'm sorry for that mis communication. So if the church speaks against gay relationships, we are not taking away any type of fundamental right or privilege a human has, especially as humans that are in a new covenant. Marriage shouldn't even be a primary goal in a Christians life, gay or straight. Helping the poor and obeying Jesus commandments should be, which by the way, never talks about making marriage a priority in the New Covenant.

3.  Not all gay people are rejected by the Church. Gay people are also being dramatic in its presentation of being discriminated against. There exist many churches that they can attend that accept their type of human sexuality beliefs.

4. “No Masters or Kings
When the Ritual begins
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin

In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene
Only then I am human
Only then I am clean
Ooh oh. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

As followers of Jesus in the New Covenant entering into a New Kingdom, sin is not allowed and is not gentle in the eyes of Jesus. He violently died on a cross. It was considered a shameful execution because he claimed to be a King and because he was the sacrifice God wanted and felt he deserved because of our violation towards him.  I know you are presenting an idea of a loving relationship between humans as a beautiful painting, but the truth is, we are sinners and we pervert many human relationships. And homosexual relationships is not a beautiful painting, it is what I think an adulterous form of deep good human friendship.

5. Christians don't want to beat up other gays. Stop being dramatic. You need to meet my friends Jen, Geoffrey, Jordan, Jeremy, Ari, etc. They would love to be friends with people who are gay. They will have dinner with them, spend time with them, and befriend them really well. I wish you made a video like that.

Hozier, the Church isn't perfect, I get it. And its run by straight married men.  They have not always done a good job at presenting how marriage isn't the most intimate way humans can love each other. It seems the Church hasn't demonstrated to you what the New Kingdom has in store for us.

So let me tell you!

We are currently being ruled by the loving, graceful, just, Kingship of Jesus! He has taught us how to love each other! He has taught us how to take care of the poor! He has taught us how to prioritize our goals! He has given us a political idea to pursue! He has built a table for us to eat together and forgive each other! He has created a community in which we can deal with all of our sins. He has brought peace and reconciliation between us and our Creator! Geeze, Jesus is filled with so much hope, love, and Justice!

As one of my favorite theologians wrote

“God's plan is not to abandon this world, the world which he said was "very good." Rather, he intends to remake it. And when he does he will raise all his people to new bodily life to live in it. That is the promise of the Christian gospel.” - N.T. Wright

We as Christians want to rebuild this world and follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit as he prepares the world for the second coming of Jesus when everything will be perfect. But we can experience great hope, love, joy, and justice now! We can fight against evil now! Perversion now!

I want to take you to Church so you can tell me your sins, so you can feel love in a very intimate ways. I want you to know as we are born sick and rebellious, Jesus has fixed that! He can make us white as snow. This is what he wants you to say Amen too!

So please, make sure you understand what you are saying when you talk about the Church. I am apart of it, and I hate calling myself this, but for the sake of communication, I am gay and a Christian. And I think homosexual relationships is not healthy and is not celebrated by Jesus. So please, don't paint me so hateful. I am not.  We just disagree.  So if you want me to take you to Church, please be tolerant of my beliefs.  Stop being judgmental.