"I struggle with Homosexuality"- "It's all good man, I'm still your friend, we are on the same TEAM" (Part 1)

Hello there. In my recent post I encouraged others who struggled with homosexuality to be TRANSPARENT with their friends and share that deep, sometimes painful, vulnerable part of their life with them.  I really hope Christians do that with each other, not even about this topic, but any deep part of themselves.  That is called being the Church, we are a TEAM.

So now I want you guys to hear my friends and their experiences as I shared with them that I struggled with Homosexuality. 

Our friends want to be there for us! It can be scary and risky, but we have to depend on them.

Here is my BIOLA roommate Geoff.  I really enjoyed being his roommate.  I asked him to share with everyone how he felt when I told him I struggled with same sex attraction.

"At the time of meeting Richard, I had never personally known anyone who identified as gay or said they had same sex attraction. Interestingly, when Richard said he struggled with same sex attraction, I wasn’t shocked. That is partly due to the fact he didn’t use the word ‘gay’, and also said he was struggling. Words hold certain stereotypes or pictures for me. Even one word can express to my mind a whole picture of preconceived beliefs. As I grew up, the word ‘gay’ was thrown in with words like ‘sin, lost people, abortion, the story of Lot where G-d destroyed an entire city, etc.’. It did not match my view of Richard. Richard was my brother, my close friend, who challenged me as a man who claimed to follow Jesus. He just had a struggle different than mine. I think, when we put a face to words we use, our compassion can better connect to the views we have. Now, because of meeting Richard and other people who identify as gay or as struggling with same sex attraction, my view of homosexuality has been colored with experience, with compassion, with understanding, and with knowledge that I just don’t have all the answers. When Richard said he struggled, and appeared like I had not yet seen him appear before, I was drawn to help him. It didn’t matter what it was about, because this was my close friend. I think the most shocking thing to me was Richard was never someone I saw who struggled. His emotions were always the same in my eyes. I had never seen him cry or appear desperate, confused, or alone. Now, he was intensely emotional. I saw how much pain Richard was in, because he had to walk down this path of struggling with his attractions. I’m thankful to Richard. That phrase is beginning to sound cliché, because there are so many people who have said it in light of Richard being vocal about his struggles. But, it’s true. I am ready to walk down these kinds of roads with my friends." - Geoffrey

Geoffrey has been an important person in my life.  He has met so many important needs in my life. Financial needs, letting me vent and be very angry with him, and also TIME.  I have a lot of fun times with Geoff.  For those that know Geoff and I, we are completely different people.  Our personalities are different and our likes and hobbies as well.  But that is what draws me to him. He is so different than me and I am challenged a lot by his pursuit of being selfless for others. He has set the bar high in my life for what it means to help those in need, especially the homeless and unlovable

I thank God for Geoff, he has been a stable friend that is there to walk with me.  I am trying to do that for him.  Also, he is a bad ass nurse. 

I pray and hope those who struggle with homosexuality dive into the pool of risk and trust when it comes to depending on their Christian brothers for help and intimacy. 

I pray and hope that Christians can be wise when it comes to hearing their brothers out who struggle with homosexuality and not assume they have all the answers and that they will risk their physical being to meet the deep intimacy of those who struggle with homosexuality.